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לובי מלון ללה
Border lala
מלונות בתל אביב | בית מלון בוטיק זול ביפו

The atmosphere

An urban vacation in a Tel Aviv hotel

מלון בתל אביב דקה 90 | ללה מלון בוטיק

The rooms

Sleep in style, experience Tel Aviv

Welcome to Lala, a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv

We at LALA hotel in Tel Aviv believe that the best experience lies in the small details,

We took care of personal attention, special recommendations, and small treats throughout the hotel and even art corners.

Everything to give you a unique hospitality experience during your urban vacation.

The hotel has only 12 boutique rooms and with us, each one feels special.

Waiting for you.

Public parking is available

Central location

Luggage room

Free Wi-Fi

Drinks in the lobby