Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

We consider it very important to provide an available and accessible service to all our customers and work at all levels to make the information and service accessible to customers with disabilities as well.

Accessibility actions are expressed in the accessibility of the service in the company’s digital assets.

These adjustments are made in accordance with the provisions of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Act and its regulations.

Website accessibility:

The Lela Hotel website allows easy browsing for its visitors.

The site meets the accessibility requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments to Service) Regulations, 2013 and complies with the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (TI 5568) for accessibility of content on the Internet at AA level and the international WCAG2.0 document.

The site is adapted for display in the most common browsers and is also suitable for use on a mobile phone.

The navigation on the site is designed for easy orientation and the content is clearly written, allowing for a good and quick understanding by all users.

The accessibility button on the website contains a menu for selecting the desired accessibility services. Among the services offered on the site: color matching, screen reader, keyboard navigation, blocking flicker, highlighting texts, adjusting font size and more, when you can choose one of them or combine them.

After selecting the appropriate service, a quick adjustment of the site is made and allows the surfer an orientation and an easy and simple understanding of its contents.

Restrictions on accessibility:

It should be noted that despite our efforts to make all pages on the site accessible, parts of the site that are not yet accessible may be discovered. We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site as part of our commitment to enable its use for the entire population including people with disabilities.

If you come across a page or component that is not accessible, and you need accessibility adjustments, please contact us by phone +972-3-5100103 or by email [email protected]