Cheap hotel in Tel Aviv

A cheap hotel in Tel Aviv is usually what we are looking for when we want a vacation in Tel Aviv but are not interested to invest all our salary in it. We are looking for cheap hotels in Tel Aviv cause we do not want to spend unnecessary amounts.

But on the other hand, we have to be careful, we do not want a shabby place that is not pleasant to be in – this is not really the vacation we are looking for. You are looking for cheap and good hotels in Tel Aviv. And the truth is that sometimes you should also pay a little more to be sure you get the best vacation.

Cheap Hotel In Tel Aviv | Hotel for couples in Tel Aviv

cheap hotel in tel aviv

Some do not believe that it is possible to find cheap hotels in Tel Aviv, just need to know how to search. Cheap and good hotels in Tel Aviv sometimes hide under the radar. They are not necessarily in the places you expected to find them.

When we think of a cheap hotel in Tel Aviv, we think of a LALA boutique hotel. This hotel is housed in a historic building that once belonged to one of the most influential families in Jaffa.

A family that came from Egypt in the thirties of the nineteenth century. They left behind a special structure, with a Middle Eastern style that includes stone walls and authentic architecture of the time.

And after years of neglect, it has been converted into a boutique hotel offering 12 rooms with a unique atmosphere and design. Those looking for cheap hotels in Tel Aviv for the night may be surprised by the high level and comfortable prices LALA hotel offers.

Cheap Hotels In Tel Aviv For Couples | A fun day at a hotel in Tel Aviv Lala

So you found a cheap hotel in Tel Aviv, now we should tell you a little about the location. Although the luxurious rooms will not make you want to leave the hotel, especially if it is a romantic vacation, it is always interesting to discover the surroundings.

Lala Boutique Hotel is located close to the most attractive areas in Tel Aviv, the heart of Tel Aviv. You may have already guessed, that we are talking about Old Jaffa.

The Flea Market and Jaffa Port are only a 15-minute walk from the hotel. And definitely worth a visit. Whether you want to enjoy a Mediterranean breeze at night or a cool glass of beer on a Friday afternoon.

The flea market is a lively area full of restaurants and activities. It is difficult to find cheap hotels in Tel Aviv that are in such a good location.

You should also visit Florentin, which has become a nightlife center, Neve Tzedek, or the relaxing atmosphere of the botanical garden. And the truth is that there is no shortage of attractions in Tel Aviv. You can always rent a scooter and discover interesting places, restaurants, cafes, bars, and cultural events.

In conclusion

So let’s sum up, if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Tel Aviv, but also a good and high-standard hotel – Boutique Hotel Lala is the hotel for you.

The hotel has several advantages:

  • Exclusive, calm and quiet atmosphere. There are only 12 rooms in the hotel.
  • Near by all recreation areas.
  • Rooms are decorated with an exceptional historical atmosphere but equipped with the best of modern indulgences.
  • Amazing staff that will do everything to make your time enjoyable.

But there’s something else we forgot to tell you. Through the hotel, you can arrange treatment at one of the most authentic spa clubs in Tel Aviv, a place with a special atmosphere that matches the type of hotel experience. With the help of the hotel, you can get special benefits and recommendations on the spot.

Recommended hotel in Tel Aviv

Recommended hotels in Tel Aviv can allow you to enjoy an authentic vacation and get a unique experience.

Even if you know Tel Aviv and make a visit from time to time, there is always something new you can find out. We offering something different, more warmer, and more authentic.

Although there is no shortage of hotels in Tel Aviv, Lala hotel offers a unique experience. Only special hotels will allow you to discover the true magic of Tel Aviv.

Lela Hotel A Boutique Hotel In Tel Aviv For Couples | Recommended hotel in Tel Aviv

Recommended Hotels in Tel Aviv

When looking for recommended hotels in Tel Aviv for couples, you should look for boutique hotels.

These are less crowded hotels, hotels that provide an exclusive and extraordinary experience. These hotels are located in exotic places, like a rare and protected flowers.

Usually, when you arrive at a hotel, it always looks and feels the same. But this is not the case in boutique hotels, which provide an exceptional experience expressed in design, atmosphere, and a warm hosting.

Recommended hotel in Tel Aviv for a couple

When asked which hotels are recommended for a couple in Tel Aviv, many people will recommend Lala Hotel. Among the exclusive customers looking for boutique hotels, there is a consensus that this is an exceptional hotel; A special hotel in the old Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

Lala Boutique Hotel is housed in a restored historic building. It wonderfully expresses the history of Tel Aviv, and allows you to enjoy the latest indulgences, in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The feeling of those who spend time at the hotel is different, and it is definitely at the top of the list due to its characteristics.

Lala Hotel is recommended for couples who are interested in vacationing in Tel Aviv, the hotel provides an excellent hospitality experience. You will enjoy every moment in the hotel and the luxurious rooms, if you have chosen Lala Boutique Hotel, you can also take the opportunity and enjoy the various attractions located in the vicinity of the hotel.

The hotel is a 15-minute walk from the flea market, from where you can continue to Old Jaffa Port. This is one of the most popular tourist areas of the city of Tel Aviv, and definitely different from the typical Tel Aviv landscape.

This is an area that is always interesting to walk around and is full of interesting restaurants, galleries, and shops. A holiday at Lala Hotel will allow you to enjoy a unique atmosphere.

Recommended hotel in Tel Aviv for couples and young people | boutique hotel

And by the way, these are not the only places where you can hang out. You will also find Neve Tzedek, the Florentine neighborhood, and the botanical garden in the area, and you can easily reach other areas of the city.

Lala is a recommended hotel for a couple in Tel Aviv, it has the same authentic romantic atmosphere that we lack in life. When you arrive at the hotel and see the special structure and the luxurious rooms, you will immediately realize that the romance still exists. And you can find it here in Tel Aviv, where you least expected to find it.

You do not have to fly to Paris or Prague to enjoy a couple’s vacation – you can find no less special things here in Israel.

Recommended boutique hotels in Tel Aviv for couples can be the best solution for a romantic vacation for couples. You can come on holidays, weekends or any special occasion you have. This is a perfect idea for all those who want to propose marriage, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or just celebrate love and romance.

Fun day in at a hotel in Tel Aviv

When was the last time you had a fun day just for yourself?

How about a fun day at a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv. It can be a refreshing, different, and even exciting experience; Something that will make you change your routine, and will fill you with positive energies.

Sometimes you have to take some time off from your routine. Many times we cannot afford to take a long vacation. But a short and focused vacation will allow you to recharge your batteries and take care of yourself.

You will be surprised to know that here in Israel, there are magical places that will allow you to relax and get the rest you need.

A fun day in hotels in Tel Aviv is suitable for anyone who wants to feel a sense of vacation, without traveling to crowded places with many tourists. At a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, you can enjoy a different hospitality experience. Boutique hotesl in Tel Aviv are conducted in a slightly more intimate atmosphere and allow you to see the city in a slightly different way.

A fun day at a hotel in Tel Aviv | A boutique hotel in Tel Aviv for couples
Come and have a fun day with us in Tel Aviv

A fun day at a hotel in Tel Aviv

Most of us identify Tel Aviv as a city of business and entertainment. But the truth is that many times we are not really getting the chance to connect to the soul of the city. A fun day at Lala Hotel in Tel Aviv allows you to get to know the other side of the city, and meet local people that will help you to discover the magic of Tel Aviv. Along with a pleasant stay in the hotel, you can also visit the most interesting places in the city.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the flea market, and get to know the various designer shops and galleries around the city. You can try different restaurants, and the best falafel stands.

You will be impressed by the magical alleys of Old Jaffa and feel the afternoon breeze in the Jaffa port. Enjoy the uniqueness of Shabazi Street, the revitalized Florentine neighborhood, or perhaps the relaxing atmosphere of the botanical garden. You can even rent a scooter and see the city by riding in the most magical streets.

Why should you choose Lala Hotel in Tel Aviv for your stay?

A fun day at the Lala Hotel in Tel Aviv is suitable for everyone and at any age. After all, we all want to be pampered from time to time. If you have decided to go for a couple’s fun day at a hotel in Tel Aviv, the Lala Boutique hotel would be a great choice.

A little freedom for a couple will always contribute to your marital relationship. We at Lala Hotel will make sure you enjoy and have the perfect vacation.

We also recommend visiting the unique spa at the flea market. Of course, we can also help you with booking a place there. There you will get all that is needed to make your fun day perfect. Pleasant treatments for both body and mind.

To summarize about a fun day in Tel Aviv and hotels

Lala Boutique Hotel is the most suitable place for the fun day you dream of. The hotel offers you a special atmosphere that is expressed in room designs that sweep the imagination and a warm staff that gives you privacy, but is always there for you for any help when needed.

If you have never spent a fun day at a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, it’s about time! Hotel Lala has only 12 exclusive rooms – where you can enjoy the best holidays. The design of the hotel and rooms is based on the preservation of a historic and unusual building, but at the same time includes all the indulgences and most comfortable conditions.