The 10 best hotels in Tel Aviv

Israel is the ideal place for a vacation if you want a vacation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Almost 4 million tourists visit Israel every year.

Israel is suitable not only for a beach vacation but also for shopping and camping. Israel is often called the land of three religions because the history of the three world religions is concentrated here. As a tourist country, Israel offers a huge selection of accommodation and hotels for every budget.

In this selection we have collected 10 of the best hotels in Tel Aviv!

Norman Hotel Tel Aviv

This hotel, despite its high cost, has gained popularity among tourists. It has a convenient location in the city, it is a few blocks from Tel Aviv’s main street, Rothschild Boulevard.

The Norman is located in two buildings connected by a balcony where there is a variety of citrus fruits. There is also a luxurious rooftop pool, two restaurants, and a spa.

Drisco Hotel in Tel Aviv

This hotel was built by two American brothers, after whom it is named. It was founded in 1866 and recently renovated. Celebrities like Mark Twain and Thomas Cook even stayed at the hotel.

Drisco Hotel has an Ottoman-inspired design, hand-carved murals, and an excellent location in southern Tel Aviv.

Setai Hotel 

For those who want to touch a piece of history, it is better to choose the Setai Tel-Aviv Hotel. It is located on the site of a 900-year-old stone fortress, which was used as an Ottoman prison. The hotel combines the modern style of the Middle East with the stone walls of an ancient fortress.

The location is very good, you can reach the beach in a few minutes. The main attraction of the Setai hotel in Tel Aviv is the rooftop pool with an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hotel The Jaffa

This hotel is located on top of a hill in the heart of Tel Aviv’s fashionable Jaffa district. It offers a panoramic view of the 4,000-year-old harbor and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Jaffa Hotel is housed in a former monastery and hospital and combines ancient architecture with modern design. You can choose a room in the part of the building built in the 19th century or in the newly built wing.

Lighthouse Tel Aviv

One of the most budget-friendly options on this list is Lighthouse by Brown Hotels. Despite the affordable price, it is in no way inferior to the more expensive competitors.

Its location is very convenient – within walking distance is Meir Park, Dizengoff Square, Shinkin Street, Gordon Pool, and much more. Some of the rooms offer amazing views of the sea, which is also very close to the hotel.

Rothschild Hotel

This hotel is one of the most popular in Tel Aviv. It is housed in a stylish house on fashionable Rothschild Avenue and a two-minute drive from Shenkin shopping street.

It is interesting that the hotel building is designed in such a way that the harmful effect on the environment is reduced to a minimum. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, comfortable rooms with balconies, and a vegetarian menu.

Carlton Hotel Tel Aviv

For those who want to enjoy the sea 100%, the Carlton Hotel will be a great choice. It is located in the central marina of Tel Aviv.

Guests can view the Mediterranean Sea from their rooms or go up to the roof where the outdoor pool is located. Its location is very convenient – a five-minute walk from the city’s main train station.

Royal Beach Tel Aviv

This hotel enjoys a very convenient location, 500 meters from the Carmel market, the port, the Neve Tzedek area, and many other attractions. It is located on the waterfront of the boardwalk and is popular with tourists.

The Royal Beach Hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant, health center, s.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Tel Aviv

There are several large business hotels in Tel Aviv, but Crowne Plaza is recognized as one of the best. It offers ideal conditions for business people, from cozy rooms to large banquet halls with a capacity of 100 people.

Right in the hotel, there is a business center where you can send a fax, print any document, and receive additional technical services. Its location is also very convenient – close to Tel Aviv’s business and government buildings.

Lala Boutique Hotel in Jaffa

And last but not least is the boutique hotel “Lala” which is located in Jaffa. As you probably already guessed, this is our hotel. Lala Hotel is a unique boutique hotel located about a 10-minute walk from one of the most important attractions in Jaffa, which is the flea market.

Lala Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv | Vacation in Tel Aviv
Lala Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv | Vacation in Tel Aviv

You can spend time in the market both in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, and the atmosphere will be different and unique at each hour. Of course, from the market, it is recommended to go to the Tel Aviv Promenade and take a walk on the beach.

The part where the hotel is located in the third phase added to the building that was used as the horse stables of the Al-Azza family, an Egyptian family that arrived in Jaffa in the 1930s. It can be seen that a lot of design work was invested in the columns in the stable space, which suggests that the ground floor was also used as a khan. There are remains of the original trough (take a look in the warehouse) and of the iron rings embedded in the walls that were used to tie the animals (did you find it in the lobby? Another one is hiding in room 2) Above us, the second floor was used as a luxurious living floor, with large spaces and a balcony. And today Lala is a small boutique hotel with 12 rooms. An intimate and special atmosphere with good energy.

We invite you to place an order through our website at a special price! Of course, you can also contact us and we will help you with everything you need.

The 10 best beaches in Tel Aviv – Perfect vacation in Tel Aviv

Want to bask in the sun and feel the sand under your feet? Don’t worry, we have selected some of the coolest beaches in Tel Aviv that you can enjoy.

From Jaffa in the south to the port of Tel Aviv in the north, we have highlighted the most interesting beaches of Tel Aviv, with a friendly coastline that is considered one of the best places to visit. There you can play volleyball at Gordon Beach, or simply rest and soak up the sun.

You don’t have to spend a shekel on these beaches; They offer entertainment in the sun in Tel Aviv at zero cost. After dark, take a quick shower at your boutique hotel in Tel Aviv and head out on the town to eat at Tel Aviv’s restaurants that serve everything from seafood to Italian cuisine.

So let’s start – the 10 best beaches in Tel Aviv:

Hilton Beach

Alongside the gay scene, Hilton Beach has also carved a niche in the water sports market. The Sea Center Club offers windsurfing and kayaking lessons, with special lessons for beginners and children. With many restaurants serving a variety of beach food, Hilton Beach is perfect for day or night, summer or winter.

Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv | A trip to the Tel Aviv Promenade

Jerusalem (Geula) Beach

The beach, known as the “Matkot Beach”, because it has a non-stop ticking in the favorite game of Israelis. You can always choose whether to join the game or cool off in the sea. Just across the road, you can grab a light meal at Abulafia in Tel Aviv (a famous Arab bakery in Jaffa) or drink fresh juices and cocktails at Shakes Pri nearby. North Beach Cafe on the boardwalk is spacious and perfect for watching the sunset.

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach has volleyball courts and a beautiful saltwater pool surrounded by lawns for relaxing. On the waterfront, you will find many restaurants serving classic dishes such as Israeli breakfast, fresh fish, sandwiches, and a huge variety of salads. After sunset, in the various beach bars in the open air, vacationers can have fun with DJs, drinks, and dancing.

Bugrashov Beach

Bugrashov beach is the perfect place. Tourists and locals alike love hanging out on this beach, and you can’t blame them! Sit on the sand and enjoy the view of the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea on the one hand, and the architecture of Tel Aviv on the other. Bugrashov Beach is without a doubt the best place. Plus, if you’re hungry, there are plenty of delicious restaurants just steps away from the beach.

Bugrashov Beach in Tel Aviv | A fun day on the beaches of Tel Aviv

Metzizim Beach

On this legendary beach, you will find restaurants on the beach offering good food, a lounge bar where you can relax until late, and comfortable chairs. The beach has a playground, and clean toilets and is in an excellent location just a few minutes from Tel Aviv port, it is easy to understand why Metzizim has become a favorite beach for both families and young people.

Hof Maaravi (West beach)

Located on the southern coastline of Tel Aviv, Maaravi (“The West Beach”), Manta Ray Beach, is the last sandy beach before Jaffa. Maaravi is actually an open coastline that usually has high waves while other surf beaches have relatively low waves. It is a fun beach that surfers like to visit mainly in the summer, with relatively clear water, a sandy bottom, and waves that break both left and right.

Frishman Beach

This wide beach has a shallow entrance to the water, making it a great place for families with children. For those who get tired of lying here all day, there are beach volleyball courts, and also a fitness track where you can work out. There are plenty of restaurants and bars on Tel Aviv’s waterfront nearby, so you won’t have to go far to eat. For example, SoFrishman is located right on the beach and serves refreshing drinks and snacks. The beach also has a first aid station, lifeguards, and toilets as well as deck chairs and umbrellas for rent.

Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv | The best beaches of Tel Aviv

Banana Beach

When you are in Banana Beach you can see to your left the old Jaffa and to your right the modern strip of Tel Aviv full of hotels.

Ajami Beach

The Ajami Beach area, just south of Old Jaffa, is a lovely place to escape from Tel Aviv. The alley steps leading to the beach, as well as the Maronite Church, offer visitors a historical perspective on the modern coastal strip. At the end of your trip to Ajami Beach, be sure to stop by the famous Abu Hassan restaurant for amazing hummus that will give you the energy to explore more or alternatively take you to your hotel room for a quality afternoon nap.

Dolphinarium Beach

The eclectic crowd at this beach includes adults, youth, and children moving barefoot to the beat of the drums, locals, and musicians playing their percussion instruments, clapping to the beat, or dancing along. Young surfers also come here to take lessons at a surf club located right on the beach.

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What can you do in Tel Aviv in one day?

Thinking of going on a trip to Tel Aviv for one day? Don’t know what to do and where to start? We prepared this route, especially for you! Do not miss it! Click ☝️

Tel Aviv is known by many as the capital city of Israel, although the official capital is Jerusalem. This is due to the fact that people travel to Jerusalem for history and spiritual enlightenment and to Tel Aviv for nightlife and the sea. Although the country is small, Israel is one of the leaders in many fields, such as medicine and IT technologies.

Tel Aviv is divided into the old and the new city. The old city is called Jaffa – it is one of the oldest cities in the world and once Tel Aviv was only its suburb. Over time, Tel Aviv grew into a metropolis, and now Jaffa is considered a part of it. The route starts from Jaffa and ends at the beach. On the way, you will see areas such as Neve Tzedek, Carmel Market, Azrieli Center, and Beach promenade.

Route – what can be seen in one day in Tel Aviv

A trip to Jaffa

Jaffa is the main historical attraction of Tel Aviv, which used to be a fishing village. The area has preserved its originality and its special atmosphere. There are many restaurants, museums, and shops. It is believed that all the bohemia of the city lives here: artists, musicians, and designers.

In Jaffa, it is recommended to stop at one of the cafes and enjoy the atmosphere. In the streets, you can see many interesting things, such as orange trees, and loquat trees.

In Jaffa, there is a neighborhood that represents the entire zodiac. On every street, there is a sign on the wall, depicting one of the 12 zodiac signs. Many people believe that touching stones makes wishes come true.

The most interesting place in Jaffa is where used to be a port once. Now there is a mosque, an Armenian church, and an observation deck. From the rooftops, there are great views of a beach with white sand, surfers riding the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, and hotels on the coastline.

Museum lovers can visit the house of Ilana Gore, the famous Israeli artist. The house where the museum is located is almost 300 years old. In the past, pilgrims arriving in Israel stopped there. Ilana herself lives there several months a year.

The museum displays hundreds of Ilana’s works and a collection of souvenirs she brought from different countries. It also hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists and tours in various languages. Admission for an adult costs 30 NIS, and for children from 5 to 17 – 20 NIS.

If after the trip to Jaffa you feel that you have started to get hungry, then there is a huge selection of cafes and restaurants, we recommend you go to our page where we recommend a number of cafes and restaurants where the food is delicious and the prices are affordable.

A trip to Tel Aviv Neve Tzedek

After a few hours in Jaffa, you can walk along the beach and enter the most picturesque area of ​​Tel Aviv. When Jaffa became overpopulated, several families decided to break away, and Neve Tzedek was born in the 19th century.

The streets of the district resemble Europe. In the past, rich people lived here, houses were built without a plan, so they differ in their special beauty. When the city began to develop, the authorities left the area unattended: people moved to other places and many houses lost their appearance.

Now Neve Tzedek is the most expensive area in Tel Aviv. The authorities are doing their best to preserve the historical appearance while preserving the value of the original buildings.

A trip to Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv | Vacation in Tel Aviv

The area itself is small: a few narrow streets and a few dozen houses, however, all tourists tend to come here. Small houses with tiled roofs, carved decorations on the windows and open balconies are very different from the houses you will see in the center of Tel Aviv. Very calm, quiet and relaxed here, there are many art galleries, designer shops, and museums.

You can choose which gallery to visit according to your interests, but everyone will be able to find something of interest here.

A trip to the Carmel market

In my opinion, a trip to any country in the Middle East cannot be considered complete without a visit to the market: nowhere else will you meet so many noisy people, unusual items, and cute jewelry.

Even if you don’t plan to buy anything and bargain, I recommend you just go and experience this special atmosphere. Carmel is open Sunday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The market sells fruits, vegetables, spices, pastries, freshly squeezed juices, and oriental sweets. Prices can range from a few shekels to hundreds of shekels, of course, it is recommended to haggle with your every purchase. A box of large Israeli dates costs 25 NIS, and Dead Sea mud is sold almost everywhere for 5 NIS.

There is a large variety of delicious olives sold in the market. Their choice in Israel is huge, so there is no chance you won’t find the olives that will be delicious to you. Of course, you can also taste before purchasing.

A trip to the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv | Itinerary for one day in Tel Aviv

In addition to olives, Israel is famous for the delicious mangoes that grow there. On the other hand, the avocado is always hard here, despite the fact that Israel is the birthplace of the avocado. This happens due to the fact that the best fruits and vegetables are exported, while the rest are left to ripen on the shelves.

Closer to Allenby Street you can find a variety of cheap clothes for 10-80 NIS. Of course, with this money, you will not be able to buy anything of high quality, but it is entirely possible to find comfortable t-shirts, tank tops, and pants suitable for the Israeli heat.

A trip to Tel Aviv Azrieli

In the Azrieli center, there are three towers: round, square and triangular. Inside are offices of various companies, a large shopping center, restaurants, cafes, a hotel, and at the very top an observation deck with a spectacular view of the entire city.

In Azrieli, you can find common stores that can be found in any shopping center around the world. But there are also typical Israeli stores, for example, Castro, where you can buy stylish and high-quality clothes at reasonable prices – 80-150 NIS.

Azrieli will be interesting for those who want to shop, eat on the roof of the building, and look at Tel Aviv from a bird’s eye view. The cost of visiting the Mitzpe Azrieli Observatory is NIS 22. Opening hours – from 9:30 to 20:00.

Housing in Tel Aviv – hotels and apartments

Tel Aviv is far from being a cheap city to visit. It is quite difficult to find accommodation here. The cheapest option is to take a bed in a room in a hostel with 30 beds. Because housing prices are so high, even locals often rent one large apartment and share it with outsiders.

On this occasion, we would like to remind you that we offer rooms at cheap prices in our boutique hotel. You have a coffee and tea corner and of course cookies next to the coffee.

A room in a hotel in Tel Aviv-Yafo | A boutique hotel in Jaffa

We love to host, so we will be happy to make your stay as pleasant and homely vibes as possible.

We have 12 rooms in the hotel and therefore there is an intimate atmosphere and a good opportunity to get to know the local’s thanks to our relief workers who are available for you at all hours of the day.

Lala Hotel in Tel Aviv-Yafo offers a unique experience for tourists as well as locals who want to rest and travel in Tel Aviv.

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The best guide for a vacation in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was founded as a Jewish quarter in the territory of the old port city of Jaffa, and later merged with it. It is the center of more than a dozen settlements that surround Tel Aviv. In fact, it is a real metropolis by the sea.

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel and is one of the most attractive cities for tourists and locals alike. The city is located close to the international airport and only 60 km from Jerusalem. When staying in Tel Aviv, it is convenient to make forays around the country. At the same time, the city offers so many activities that the question arises as to whether should you go somewhere else.

Vacation in Tel Aviv the complete guide to all attractions

Administratively, Tel Aviv is divided into 9 districts, but residents and tourists use historically accepted names. Therefore, no one maintains clear boundaries between regions.

The areas worth visiting in Tel Aviv

Old Jaffa

No tourist passes by the oldest city – Jaffa (south of the city). This is one of the oldest settlements in the world; People lived here all the time, and one culture replaced the other.

It is convenient and recommended to get to Jaffa from the promenade, in Jaffa you can find several inexpensive markets (including a flea and food market), many cafes and restaurants, and art galleries.

Of course, we will also recommend you to stay at least one night in Jaffa in order to experience it in all its shades.

We invite you to book a room at a LALA boutique hotel in Jaffa at an affordable price.

This is a boutique hotel in Jaffa – in which there are only 12 rooms, and each room is uniquely designed. Don’t miss a real Jaffa experience.

Vacation in Jaffa - all the attractions in Jaffa


Historically, the first Jewish quarter adjacent to the city (second half of the 19th century), from which Tel Aviv grew. Now it is a small and respectable area with low buildings, designer shops, and cafes. Suzanne Dellal’s restored train station and dance center.


“White City” – a Bauhaus-style district of 2-3- houses with columns and gardens on the roofs (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List). Those houses are in the Florentine area, and this area is often compared to Soho in New York.


In the central and northern parts of the city (the northern port area, Tel Aviv University, and the Taman vineyard famous for its markets and graffiti) there are fewer historical places, but they are no less busy and full of tourists. Shops, hotels, sports clubs and nightclubs, and modern buildings.

Accommodation in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a wide variety of accommodation options, from low-budget campsites and hostels to luxurious five-star hotels. Most of them are located in the center of the city, in the tourist Dizengoff Square and along the coastline (Yarkon Street and Ben-Yehuda Street). Housing prices are high, for example, a double room in a 3* hotel will cost NIS 850.

Many of the accommodations have no rating at all, as there are a variety of apartments and rooms offered for rent. In rooms and apartments of this type, you can sometimes order breakfast separately, but usually, the room will have a kitchen, and if you feel like cooking, you can do so. Apartments in the center or by the sea will cost NIS 1200.

On our website, you can book a room at a unique price!

A hotel in Tel Aviv Jaffa at a cheap price | VACATION IN Hotels in Tel Aviv

Food in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is full of a wide variety of foods from a variety of ethnicities, say the locals. Here you can find restaurants with the most diverse cuisine – Middle Eastern, Asian, Eastern European, French, Russian and American.

Vegetarian/vegan cuisine is very popular in Tel Aviv. There are also many fish restaurants here. But keep in mind: since most Israelis keep kosher, seafood dishes are mainly for tourists.

For the tastiest hummus, it is recommended to go to the small cafe “Abu-Hassan” on Dolphin street in Jaffa. And to feel the special rhythm of Israel, you have to visit one of the authentic restaurants in the old city – Jaffa.

In these pleasant and noisy establishments, eating becomes a unique experience. Among the extensive menu, we especially recommend trying the local carpaccio.

Meat lovers should also order a beef steak (average price NIS 120-150). Kosher imposes its own limitations on the menu and stimulates the creation of new and unusual recipes. Therefore, 80% of Israeli cuisine consists of dishes that can only be tasted here.

For those who want to save on food expenses, and try national dishes, we recommend looking for cheap falafel stands. You can eat a meal in them for only NIS 40-50, and the “falafel” itself (deep-fried balls of chopped chickpeas) will cost NIS 15-30.

Full-fledged cafes and restaurants are suitable for connoisseurs. Prices here vary. You can have lunch at the Mantaray restaurant, famous for its excellent meat and poultry dishes, for 120-190 NIS, and dinner at the prestigious Catit restaurant in Tel Aviv will cost 500-1200 NIS.

Local bakeries offer fresh croissants and rolls, and the streets of Tel Aviv are full of cafes offering traditional Italian pasta and other European dishes. The average price is between 60 and 150 NIS.

In cafes and restaurants in Tel Aviv and in Israel in general, it is customary to leave a 12% tip. When you don’t leave a tip, this is considered extreme dissatisfaction of the visitor.

Shopping in Tel Aviv

Urban markets are worth a visit if only for the atmosphere. The flea market in Old Jaffa is famous all over the world, it consists of several streets and adjacent shops, including secondhand.

There you can enjoy real vintage, and antiques that have changed several owners (tools, coins, women’s jewelry). The main thing is not to forget to bargain. Another local market, “Carmel” in the Kerem Hatimanim district, is a real oriental bazaar, flooded with tourists.

Souvenirs and spices in the Carmel market are cheaper than in most stores. The locals prefer to shop on Friday morning, before Shabbat, and the sellers don’t want to leave perishable goods until Sunday and are therefore willing to lower the price.

The flea market in Jaffa | Vacation in Jaffa

With the advent of shopping centers, most shopping moved from the main streets to malls. The Gan Ha’ir shopping center is distinguished by the number of premium brands per square meter – it is considered almost the most luxurious mall in Israel.

Ramat Aviv Mall is more diverse in terms of prices and brands, there are many brands and stores of Israeli-made jewelry. The Azrieli shopping center is located in the business center, but here it is easiest to find “sale” items and choose original souvenirs.

The largest shopping center is Dizengoff, which has more than 500 stores. From Sunday to Thursday the centers are open from 9:00-20:30-22:00, closed on Friday at noon, and sometimes open on Saturday evening.

The city’s shopping streets: Shinkin (souvenir shops and small boutiques – near the Carmel Market), Allenby (outlets), Nachalat Binyamin with its art fair (at the intersection of Shinkin and Allenby), and Dizengoff, where local designer shops are located.

Surfing and diving in Israel

Tel Aviv has excellent conditions for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. There are stations in the central areas (“Hilton”), in the north (“Tel-Baruch”) and in the south (“The Drummers” beach next to the dolphinarium). Beginners will prefer the last beach, as it is safer. The cost of an individual lesson with an instructor (total of 1.5 hours) – will apply from NIS 250.

Tel Aviv is also one of the main centers for diving in the Mediterranean Sea. Several clubs operate in the city, many of them branch of clubs in Eilat. Off the coast of Tel Aviv, there are several interesting diving sites at different depths (10-35 m) – from natural canyons, where there is a lot of marine life (turtles, rays, squids), to sunken ships. The descent is carried out under the supervision of a guide.

The most interesting diving sites are located north of Tel Aviv. Caesarea, which is 60 km from the city, as well as Naharia (more than 125 km to the north) – the city closest to the Rosh Hankara Caves and the Akziv Nature Reserve.

5 Must do things in Tel Aviv

  • We highly recommend you not only to walk around Old Jaffa, but also to come to one of the open concerts.
  • Be impressed by the non-urban life – and don’t be lazy to go on a safari in Ramat Gan. Only there you can see the wild animals so close to you.
  • Tired of walking from beach to beach, go to the city park. Or you can enjoy a sunbed right on Rothschild Boulevard.
  • Take a trip from the modern city to Caesarea National Park. Only a 45-minute drive, after which you will discover the Roman amphitheater in front of you.
  • You will meet the sunrise or the sunset on one of the longest promenades in the world

Tel Aviv for children

The tourist city takes the children into account. The Maymadion water park has every kind of water attraction imaginable and a special children’s town (official website in English).

The large and family city park, Yarkon, is an excellent place for picnics, trips, and sports (soccer, basketball, mini golf, trampolines, climbing wall, kayaks). Beyond that, the park has a mini zoo, a rock and cactus garden, a tropical garden, and a bird park. This local equivalent of New York’s Central Park sits right on the waterfront here in Tel Aviv.

It is definitely worth going to the zoological safari center in Ramat Gan. In the central part of the park, pets move freely, among them you can find ostriches, zebras, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, giraffes, and lions that walk right next to your car.

In the district of Tel Aviv (Gush Dan, the city of Holon) there is the famous children’s museum, where you can spend a whole day and your children could get added value from this experience.

Things to do in Tel-Aviv

Yarkon Park

In the Netherlands there is a Vandal park, in New York there is a Central park and in Tel Aviv we have the Yarkon Park.

Hayarkon Park is located in north Tel Aviv and the Yarkon River flows through it. The park has sections for running, and cyclists, and of course you can find dog owners out for a walk, and quite a few mothers who spend time there with their children. So if you fancy a picnic, you can enjoy the peace and nature in Hayarkon Park in the busiest city in Israel.

Hayarkon Park | Free attractions in Tel Aviv

A trip on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv

We recommend you to go for a stroll along Tel Aviv’s most beautiful tree-lined avenue and enjoy a wide variety of colorful foods. Tou can find anything you want on Rothschild Avenue from charming cafes and lively nightclubs to historical museums and endless charming places to sit, relax and connect throughout Tel Aviv life.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The walls of this museum are adorned with the most comprehensive collections in Israel of modern, contemporary, and Israeli art. The museum boasts an impressive collection of works of art, diverse temporary exhibitions, exhibitions of photography, design, and architecture, a concert hall, and a beautiful sculpture garden. The museum is built around a spiral 90 feet high atrium. The interior space provides a unique setting for a display of contemporary art, an architecture center, and a gallery.

Jaffa – the Old City

One of the oldest cities in the eastern Mediterranean, the Old City of Jaffa stands on a cliff jutting out of the water, piercing the Tel Aviv skyline. The variety of attractions in Old Jaffa is huge, from mosques and churches to ancient clock towers; Wishing Bridges; Sculptures; Yoga classes; Museums; Galleries; Trendy restaurants, and bars. The possibilities are endless in this new-old city

In order not to miss all the options Jaffa offers we recommend that you take a hotel near the area for a few days in order to fully experience the city.

Old Jaffa | What to do in Tel Aviv

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Carmel Market

The Carmel Market is the largest market in Tel Aviv and is filled to the brim with spices, fabrics, and fresh produce. With dozens of stalls selling fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, etc., you can soak up all the sights, sounds, and smells that the Carmel Market has to offer while searching for the cheapest bargain. The market is especially busy on Fridays, so be sure to arrive early to experience the magic of the market.

Sharona complex

The Sharona complex, a 140-year-old former Templar colony, is the first culinary center of its kind in Israel. An 8,700 square meter market contains dozens of specialty food stores from all over the world. Inside the market, you will find everything imaginable, from Dutch cheese to waffle towers and even Asian rolls. Just outside the indoor market, dozens of clothing stores, books, and of course countless lawns In them you can sit and relax.

Tel Aviv Port

In 2001, the Tel Aviv port was renovated to the tune of NIS 100 million and became one of the largest attractions in Tel Aviv. The wooden deck in the shape of a wave is full of shops, cafes, bars, and leisure centers. Even if you do not feel like dining or shopping, we recommend that you just walk around there to soak up the atmosphere and sea breeze.

Port of Jaffa

Jaffa Port, a culinary, shopping, and entertainment station located in the city’s ancient port is home to various merchants and stalls offering a vibrant and exciting experience inspired by the historical, cultural, and of course culinary heritage of its location. Take a walk in the charming harbor, watch elderly fishermen, and stop for ice cream or a live music show. Jaffa Port Market combines traditional and ethnic elements with modern touches

Jaffa Port | What to do today for free in Tel Aviv Jaffa Port

Tel Aviv Promenade

Nothing can compete with walking – or cycling – along the beach promenade. There you can breathe the fresh, salty air of the Mediterranean. Old Jaffa seals the promenade to the south and the skyscrapers of the city to the north, it is no wonder that the promenade in Tel Aviv is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Sit on a bench on the promenade and watch Tel Aviv life unfold before your eyes.

The flea market in Jaffa

At the flea market, you can discover vintage treasures and antique furniture while renewing your bargaining skills. Even just wandering through the clothing stalls, walking around thrift stores, or grabbing authentic street food is enough to make an unforgettable day

8 Things that are important to check before booking a hotel in Tel Aviv

In a city like Tel Aviv finding the best hotel for your needs can be a daunting task mainly because of the endless possibilities of the hotels that will be available to you.

People spend hours searching countless sites in search of the perfect hotel to suit their itinerary and planned activities.

If you are a business man \ women who wants to book a hotel quickly, it can be frustrating to sift through hundreds of options.

And often people are disappointed when they discover that the hotel they booked did not meet their expectations or requirements.

To avoid disappointment, follow our guide. It provides all the essential points that are important to check before booking a hotel in Tel Aviv.

A room in a hotel in Tel Aviv |  Quality hotels in CENTER OF Israel

Hotel location

Location is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv, especially if you are arriving following a business trip. Locations close to major train stations or main roads will make it easier for you to get around, especially for those coming to Tel Aviv for the first time. Look for hotels located near the entry point to the city to maximize comfort and make the most of your time in the city.


A hotel will serve as a home away from your home when visiting Tel Aviv, so it is important that you choose a place that is comfortable. Clean rooms with comfortable beds are a must. Hotel sites will usually display pictures that will allow you to understand if the rooms are suitable for your needs. If you are coming in the summer it is important to make sure that there are air conditioners in the rooms, the Israeli summer can be hard to adjust to for tourists coming from Europe.

Additional hotel services

Agree with me that it is much nicer to feel that you are paying for more than just four walls and a bed, so we suggest you look for hotels that will give you services beyond. Hotels that have staff who can help you book a taxi, or help you understand how to get from point A to point B. Of course, the WI-FI is very important when coming for a business trip so check in advance that there is indeed quality internet in the hotel you booked. There are also hotels that provide coffee/tea corners, snacks, fruit, and more. All of these will make your experience much more enjoyable.

Hotel in Tel Aviv | Hotel for business people in Tel Aviv

Hotel and room design

The style of the hotel can say a lot about the experience it offers. Although it will depend on personal preference, there are certain things that can be signs of a quality room. Decorated rooms imply that the hotel is of high quality and there is a consideration for each and every room and customer’s needs.

Booking options

With the sheer number of comparison sites, booking a hotel can be a complicated process. Look for a hotel that allows you to book directly through the website easily. A simple interface that allows you to choose dates and rooms is a sign of a well-organized hotel that provides professional service. Beyond that, it is important to note that booking through the hotel’s website can be more affordable, many times you can find special offers and discounts.

Hotel prices in Tel Aviv

Hotel price is usually the most important factor for most people. It is important to get good value for your money when looking for accommodation. Hotel prices in Tel Aviv are not cheap, but it is still possible to live in luxury without spending a fortune. Look for hotels that offer special packages and discounts that allow you to save money without compromising on quality.

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Hotel reviews

You can find pictures and information about hotels on the Internet, but you will never really know what to expect until you get there. Customer reviews can help you get a better idea of ​​hotel services. Hotels with high ratings and positive customer feedback are what you should be looking for.

The size of the hotel rooms

The size of the room you need will depend on your needs but it is much nicer when you have a spacious room. According to the photos, try to understand the size of the rooms, but we also recommend checking the exact size on the website.

So after reading our guide, you are ready to book the perfect room for your next trip!

We invite you to book rooms through our convenient interface right down here👇

5 Secrets to finding hotels in Tel Aviv at cheap prices

When we think of a perfect vacation we think of a good hotel and rest.

If staying at a hotel in Tel Aviv at a cheap price sounds like an unattainable dream to you, keep reading. Believe it or not, there are some secrets that can be used to find cheap hotels in Tel Aviv.

Hotels in Tel Aviv at cheap prices Lala Boutique Hotel

First, we’ll tell you that the best trick you can use to find cheaper rooms is not to stay in hotels on Fridays and Saturdays. Only by swapping the days off from Saturday to Sunday, will you get access to exclusive promotions and offers, thus saving you money in the process.

How to find cheap hotels in Tel Aviv?

1. Booking from the hotel website or reception – In recent years, more and more people use website like TRIP ADVISOR and BOOKING to find deals for hotels, flights, etc.

But only a few know that before each booking you make you should go to the hotel website itself and check if in the case the booking is made directly from the website or from the reception you can get a discount.

This way you can easily save yourself a few shekels and find the most worthwhile deals.

Of course, we are used to using booking, and entering the hotel’s website requires us to take unnecessary action, but do not underestimate the promotions you can get if you do so.

Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv This | LALA a cheap hotel in Jaffa

90 Minute Deals – Apart from that we also recommend going to 90 Minute Deal Sites and there you will surely find a hotel or two that offers rooms at bargain prices at the last minute.

But if you plan in advance and go for a spontaneous vacation isn’t for you, then you should follow the tip written above.

Booking for the first time – Many websites and applications offer attractive first-time users discounts. Take advantage of this and look for different apps from which you can order. Some sites also provide your first-day stay for free when booking through them.

4. Longer stay – Hotels often prefer someone who stays longer, compared to a shorter stay. This is why they offer more discounts to people who make reservations for longer periods of time.

The reason behind this is that when someone stays for a longer period, the daily labor cost of cleaning, and replacing the sheets and other items in the room according to the customer’s needs is reduced and in return, it is offered as a discount.

5. Booking rooms in advance – it is possible to book a hotel long before the visit. The most significant advantage in this situation is the possibility of free cancellation. Although the hotel will charge you a little more for a free cancellation policy, it’s worth it in case you make the payment and then change the plan at the last minute.

Pre-booking is also an advantage for you because you can book rooms at a much cheaper rate, and also consider other hotel options.

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In conclusion

In conclusion, we want to say that although many do not believe that boutique hotels can be found at cheap prices in Tel Aviv, it is possible!

If you follow our tips, we are 100% sure that you will find exactly what you need.

We are always here for any question and we are more than happy to help you. You are always welcome to leave your details on the website or call 035100103.

A boutique hotel in Tel Aviv

Looking for a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv?

If so you are probably the people who are not satisfied with little. You are not the people who are looking for a bustling and noisy atmosphere, you are the people who value uniqueness.

In order to find such a unique experience, you must spend a few nights at boutique hotels in Tel Aviv.

So which boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are recommended?

There are not many boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, you need to know where to look for a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv Jaffa. Therefore, let us recommend you a boutique hotel with a unique atmosphere. We know a place that is really special. Lala Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv is the hotel you should know.

Lala Hotel A Boutique Hotel In Tel Aviv | Vacation at a hotel in tel aviv

A new boutique hotel in Tel Aviv

LALA is a recommended boutique hotel in Tel Aviv. On the one hand new and equipped with all modern luxuries like plasma screens and WIFI. But on the other hand, it is housed in a restored historic building from the nineteenth century.

It brings you the true magic of Tel Aviv – historic Jaffa. It allows its guests to feel the grandeur of historic Jaffa, and disconnect you from the sense of time.

And this is what you want when you go on vacation – you want something that will make you forget about everyday things. A boutique hotel in Tel Aviv-Yafo does this in the best way. You are literally embarking on a journey through time, but without sacrificing the pampering conditions.

Hotel in Tel Aviv

Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv offer a different kind of vacation. You will enjoy a more personal and intimate experience

Here at LALA Boutique Hotel you can enjoy a unique experience. The magical streets, the special neighbors, the restaurants with the most creative chefs, the galleries, and the old city of Jaffa. There is a lot of magic in Tel Aviv, you just have to know where to find it.

Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Lala, a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv-Yafo located a 15-minute walk from the flea market and Jaffa port, so if you want to feel the sea breeze (and much more) – the hotel’s location is simply perfect.

While spending the night at the Lala Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv, you should also take advantage of its proximity to the flea market and Old Jaffa, and discover the charm of the area. From here you can go on tours of all the cool places of Tel Aviv.

Don’t miss Neve Tzedek and Florentine. And as we already mentioned you can go to the galleries of the flea market and restaurants of Jaffa. And also enjoy all the cultural events, which Tel Aviv is full of.

Boutique Hotels In Tel Aviv Jaffa | Cheap hotels in Tel Aviv

At Lala Boutique Hotel you will find 12 exclusive rooms that have been decorated in a special style. Here you will find a style that preserves the original architecture and adapts it to the spirit of the modern era. The rooms are particularly luxurious, with a unique romantic atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. Therefore, it is recommended as a boutique hotel for couples in Tel Aviv.

The 3 restaurants you must visit in Tel Aviv

So after you have booked a room at the Lala Hotel in Tel Aviv, and if you have not yet booked it is about a time (:

Let’s talk about the 3 restaurants that you should not miss in Tel Aviv.

Let’s start with the fact that there is no chance that you will get bored of the food that Tel Aviv offers. The restaurant scene of this city is colorful and it offers a rich variety of different dishes and flavors.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional falafel stalls, as we have already said, the Tel Aviv restaurant scene is diverse, creative, and always exciting.

Good Restaurants In Tel Aviv | A fun day in Tel Aviv

Sitting in a restaurant and enjoying is something that we soo used to. That’s why it’s pretty easy to forget about the people who cook and serve us. And that’s why we want to celebrate and shed light on Tel Aviv’s hospitality industry with our list of the best restaurants for 2022.

OCD Restaurant

This is Raz Rahav’s chef’s restaurant. In this restaurant, delicious and meticulous meals are served down to the last detail for all diners together.

When you arrive at the restaurant the menu is unknown and everything that will happen next will be a surprise. I will note that this is a positive surprise we talking about.

In the restaurant, you will sit in front of an open bar that is right in front of the kitchen, and of course, it is an integral part of the unforgettable experience that awaits you there.

If you fancy a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free menu, of course, you can request it in advance.

Timna Restaurant

Timna Restaurant is a great restaurant located in Tel Aviv and offers a varied and rich menu that combines the dishes from a variety of cultures, from Japan to Mexico and France to Korea.

The experience will not be forgotten for a long time, and if you have decided to have a fun day in Tel Aviv and maybe even book a hotel room and relax from the race of life, we suggest you not to miss this culinary experience.

In Timna Restaurant You can choose between 2 meals options:

1. A full tasting meal – if you choose from this type of experience, you can enjoy 8 different dishes per person and of course also starters and dessert dishes.

2. A short tasting meal – if you choose this experience, you can enjoy 3 starters and one main course per person.

Of course you can inform the kitchen in advance in case you want a vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free dish / or if you have allergies that do not allow you to eat certain foods.

We at the Lala Hotel in Tel Aviv will be happy to help you book a table, and explain to you the best ways to get there.


So if you came to Tel Aviv to experience the city, you must not miss the Carmel Market. In the market, you will find a variety of foods, but the Basta restaurant will not only offer you a market atmosphere but will also delight your palate.

Basta restaurant only works with fresh ingredients which already makes it unique, but in addition, it also offers a variety of wines at a very high level.

Here you can enjoy simple but very tasty food and of course, in the market as in the market, you will also experience a joyful and happy atmosphere.

The menu of the Besta restaurant is renewed day by day (you can also find in the bar of the restaurant a binder that contains all the menus that the restaurant has offered over the years). The restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes and of course, all made from fresh ingredients.

And if you want us to recommend you dishes that should not be missed, then I would say that any dish with fresh fish will be a wonderful choice, and of course dishes with roasted vegetables is something you will not want to miss.

We at LALA hotel will be happy to help with a table reservation or ordering a taxi.

We at Lala Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv are always happy to help both tourists and our dear citizens, so if you have decided to have a fun day at a hotel in Tel Aviv and you are looking for attractions or restaurants worth visiting do not hesitate to contact us.

Mitzpe Ramon – the flower of the desert

The desert brings peace not only to our soul but also to the body. The desert allows us to experience the true tranquility we so often seek in our busy lives

And there is no more perfect or peaceful place than the desert in Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev in Israel. Mitzpe Ramon is two and a half hours south of Tel Aviv and two hours north of Eilat.

I can forgive you if you think you landed on Mars or a set of a science fiction movie, you will probably be mesmerized by the sheer size of one of the most fascinating and breathtaking sites in the country.

Ramon Crater in the Negev A trip to Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon is often described as Israel’s ‘Grand Canyon’, this unique huge crater – about 14 km wide and 40 km long – was created over hundreds of millions of years and today, you can go out on one of the hiking trails and enjoy the many activities that you can find in the area. For example, you can enjoy hiking, abseiling, mountain biking, and star gazing.

Like Ramon Crater, the sleepy town of Mitzpe Ramon took some time to grow. The town was founded in 1951 as a labor camp for the construction of Highway 40, the first residents arrived in 1956, and immigrants from North Africa, Romania, and India in the 1960s joined them.

Mitzpe Ramon has become one of the southernmost development towns in Negev. Today it is home to about 5,500 people and various desert wildlife, living life at their own pace – the rhythm of the desert.

A trip from a hotel in Tel Aviv to Mitzpe Ramon

Whether you arrive at Mitzpe Ramon from Tel Aviv (about 185 km), Jerusalem (about 160 km), or Eilat (about 150 km), the best place to start is the Ramon Crater Visitor Center in Mitzpe Ramon. It tells the geological story of the formation of the Ramon Crater, the largest of five craters in the Negev desert.

You will learn how these craters were formed through a fascinating process of erosion, instead of meteors. Discover the amazing rock layers, unique ancient volcanic sites, and water springs. At a depth of 500 meters, the deepest point of Saharonim Spring contains the crater’s natural water source and maintains a large portion of wildlife, including birds and chamois.

So how was Ramon Crater formed?

To put it briefly, a long time ago, in the Mesozoic era, between 66 and 250 million years ago, the central Negev desert was on the vast Tethys Sea coast, when suddenly – about 80 million years ago – a geological event occurred: an African collision. And the Eurasian continent. The result: a huge geological fold and the formation of mountains from Egypt to modern-day Syria.

The folds created were part of a system called the “Syrian Rainbow” and include Negev, Judea, and Galilee. The highest mountain range in the Negev was submerged under the Tethys Sea, but its summit was exposed to long weathering and erosion processes, and we finally got the Ramon Crater where an ancient mountain once stood.

So if you are looking for attractions in the Land of Israel, we recommend you to come to Ramon Crater and experience the beauty and peace, and quiet that the place offers.

We at the Lala Hotel in Tel Aviv will of course be happy to advise you on other places of entertainment and attractions that Israel has to offer.

We will also be able to guide you and explain to you the most convenient ways to get from the hotel in Tel Aviv to the crater in the Negev.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.