A boutique hotel in Tel Aviv

Looking for a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv?

If so you are probably the people who are not satisfied with little. You are not the people who are looking for a bustling and noisy atmosphere, you are the people who value uniqueness.

In order to find such a unique experience, you must spend a few nights at boutique hotels in Tel Aviv.

So which boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are recommended?

There are not many boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, you need to know where to look for a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv Jaffa. Therefore, let us recommend you a boutique hotel with a unique atmosphere. We know a place that is really special. Lala Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv is the hotel you should know.

Lala Hotel A Boutique Hotel In Tel Aviv | Vacation at a hotel in tel aviv

A new boutique hotel in Tel Aviv

LALA is a recommended boutique hotel in Tel Aviv. On the one hand new and equipped with all modern luxuries like plasma screens and WIFI. But on the other hand, it is housed in a restored historic building from the nineteenth century.

It brings you the true magic of Tel Aviv – historic Jaffa. It allows its guests to feel the grandeur of historic Jaffa, and disconnect you from the sense of time.

And this is what you want when you go on vacation – you want something that will make you forget about everyday things. A boutique hotel in Tel Aviv-Yafo does this in the best way. You are literally embarking on a journey through time, but without sacrificing the pampering conditions.

Hotel in Tel Aviv

Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv offer a different kind of vacation. You will enjoy a more personal and intimate experience

Here at LALA Boutique Hotel you can enjoy a unique experience. The magical streets, the special neighbors, the restaurants with the most creative chefs, the galleries, and the old city of Jaffa. There is a lot of magic in Tel Aviv, you just have to know where to find it.

Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Lala, a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv-Yafo located a 15-minute walk from the flea market and Jaffa port, so if you want to feel the sea breeze (and much more) – the hotel’s location is simply perfect.

While spending the night at the Lala Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv, you should also take advantage of its proximity to the flea market and Old Jaffa, and discover the charm of the area. From here you can go on tours of all the cool places of Tel Aviv.

Don’t miss Neve Tzedek and Florentine. And as we already mentioned you can go to the galleries of the flea market and restaurants of Jaffa. And also enjoy all the cultural events, which Tel Aviv is full of.

Boutique Hotels In Tel Aviv Jaffa | Cheap hotels in Tel Aviv

At Lala Boutique Hotel you will find 12 exclusive rooms that have been decorated in a special style. Here you will find a style that preserves the original architecture and adapts it to the spirit of the modern era. The rooms are particularly luxurious, with a unique romantic atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. Therefore, it is recommended as a boutique hotel for couples in Tel Aviv.

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Whether you come to us for business or an urban vacation, the Boutique Hotel Lela offers a strategic location that allows you to enjoy all the hot attractions in the city of Tel Aviv and beyond.


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