The 10 best beaches in Tel Aviv – Perfect vacation in Tel Aviv

Want to bask in the sun and feel the sand under your feet? Don’t worry, we have selected some of the coolest beaches in Tel Aviv that you can enjoy.

From Jaffa in the south to the port of Tel Aviv in the north, we have highlighted the most interesting beaches of Tel Aviv, with a friendly coastline that is considered one of the best places to visit. There you can play volleyball at Gordon Beach, or simply rest and soak up the sun.

You don’t have to spend a shekel on these beaches; They offer entertainment in the sun in Tel Aviv at zero cost. After dark, take a quick shower at your boutique hotel in Tel Aviv and head out on the town to eat at Tel Aviv’s restaurants that serve everything from seafood to Italian cuisine.

So let’s start – the 10 best beaches in Tel Aviv:

Hilton Beach

Alongside the gay scene, Hilton Beach has also carved a niche in the water sports market. The Sea Center Club offers windsurfing and kayaking lessons, with special lessons for beginners and children. With many restaurants serving a variety of beach food, Hilton Beach is perfect for day or night, summer or winter.

Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv | A trip to the Tel Aviv Promenade

Jerusalem (Geula) Beach

The beach, known as the “Matkot Beach”, because it has a non-stop ticking in the favorite game of Israelis. You can always choose whether to join the game or cool off in the sea. Just across the road, you can grab a light meal at Abulafia in Tel Aviv (a famous Arab bakery in Jaffa) or drink fresh juices and cocktails at Shakes Pri nearby. North Beach Cafe on the boardwalk is spacious and perfect for watching the sunset.

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach has volleyball courts and a beautiful saltwater pool surrounded by lawns for relaxing. On the waterfront, you will find many restaurants serving classic dishes such as Israeli breakfast, fresh fish, sandwiches, and a huge variety of salads. After sunset, in the various beach bars in the open air, vacationers can have fun with DJs, drinks, and dancing.

Bugrashov Beach

Bugrashov beach is the perfect place. Tourists and locals alike love hanging out on this beach, and you can’t blame them! Sit on the sand and enjoy the view of the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea on the one hand, and the architecture of Tel Aviv on the other. Bugrashov Beach is without a doubt the best place. Plus, if you’re hungry, there are plenty of delicious restaurants just steps away from the beach.

Bugrashov Beach in Tel Aviv | A fun day on the beaches of Tel Aviv

Metzizim Beach

On this legendary beach, you will find restaurants on the beach offering good food, a lounge bar where you can relax until late, and comfortable chairs. The beach has a playground, and clean toilets and is in an excellent location just a few minutes from Tel Aviv port, it is easy to understand why Metzizim has become a favorite beach for both families and young people.

Hof Maaravi (West beach)

Located on the southern coastline of Tel Aviv, Maaravi (“The West Beach”), Manta Ray Beach, is the last sandy beach before Jaffa. Maaravi is actually an open coastline that usually has high waves while other surf beaches have relatively low waves. It is a fun beach that surfers like to visit mainly in the summer, with relatively clear water, a sandy bottom, and waves that break both left and right.

Frishman Beach

This wide beach has a shallow entrance to the water, making it a great place for families with children. For those who get tired of lying here all day, there are beach volleyball courts, and also a fitness track where you can work out. There are plenty of restaurants and bars on Tel Aviv’s waterfront nearby, so you won’t have to go far to eat. For example, SoFrishman is located right on the beach and serves refreshing drinks and snacks. The beach also has a first aid station, lifeguards, and toilets as well as deck chairs and umbrellas for rent.

Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv | The best beaches of Tel Aviv

Banana Beach

When you are in Banana Beach you can see to your left the old Jaffa and to your right the modern strip of Tel Aviv full of hotels.

Ajami Beach

The Ajami Beach area, just south of Old Jaffa, is a lovely place to escape from Tel Aviv. The alley steps leading to the beach, as well as the Maronite Church, offer visitors a historical perspective on the modern coastal strip. At the end of your trip to Ajami Beach, be sure to stop by the famous Abu Hassan restaurant for amazing hummus that will give you the energy to explore more or alternatively take you to your hotel room for a quality afternoon nap.

Dolphinarium Beach

The eclectic crowd at this beach includes adults, youth, and children moving barefoot to the beat of the drums, locals, and musicians playing their percussion instruments, clapping to the beat, or dancing along. Young surfers also come here to take lessons at a surf club located right on the beach.

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